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Congratulations 2019 BMBL All Stars

Posted: August 02, 2019 | Add Comment

2019 BMBL All Star Games

Congratulations to the 2019 All Stars representing the MABL 18+, MSBL 28+, MSBL MetroWest and MSBL Masters divisions of the Boston Men's Baseball League. The 2019 All-Star games will be played on Saturday, August 10 at Brandeis University in Waltham. Fans, be sure to come out and support your 2019 All Stars. Best of luck to all teams!

MABL All-Stars vs. MSBL 28+ All-Stars, 10:00 AM

MABL All-Stars

Manager - Omar Ortiz, Boston Sox

Brett O'Keefe - Waltham Athletics
Jason Kurtz - Waltham Athletics
Jason Tessari - Waltham Athletics
Derek Pizzaro - Middleboro Red Sox
Nick Radcliffe - Middleboro Red Sox
Marty Lannan - Middleboro Red Sox
Thomas Lenane - Middleboro Red Sox
Trevor Ham - Merrimack Valley Marlins
Ben Lodge - Merrimack Valley Marlins
Adam Johnson - Lynnfield Cardinals
Chris Mancini - Lynnfield Cardinals
Pete Franchi - Lynnfield Cardinals
Nick Bruno - Lynnfield Cardinals
Nick Sieber - Cambridge Spinners
Nick Bonofiglio - Cambridge Spinners
Luc Kocher - Cambridge Spinners
Seth Perkins - Boston Sox
Jake Perkins - Boston Sox
Brahiam Ortega - Boston Sox
Ryan Foley - Boston Sox
Xavier Nunez - Boston Sox
Omar Ortiz - Boston Sox
Derrick Amodei - Singing Surgeons
Patrick Forelli - Singing Surgeons
Jackson Forelli - Singing Surgeons
Avery Ford - Singing Surgeons
Matt Ferro - South Shore Grays
Jared Walsh - South Shore Grays
Brian Maloney - South Shore Grays
Tom Plumitallo - South Shore Grays
Brian Rosinski - Waltham Cutters

MSBL 28+ All-Stars

Manager - Orazio Azzarello, Somerville Senators

Teddy Dzibua - Boston Bombers
James Cramphin - Boston Bombers
Jose Toledano - Boston Cardinals
Elin Joel Torres - Boston Cardinals
Yulkin German - Boston Cardinals
Joe Tufo - Cambridge Cantabs
Mike Navarro - Cambridge Cantabs
Thomas Nakamura - Cambridge Cantabs
Marlbelk Andujar - North Andover Thunder
Steve Lippi - North Andover Thunder
Pete Lieberman - North Andover Thunder
Mitch Philibert - North Shore Havoc
Eric Rodriguez - North Shore Havoc
Jim DeMichele - North Shore Havoc
Joes Paulino - North Shore Havoc
John Hayes - Somerville Senators
Ricky Salvia - Somerville Senators
Mike Addesa - Somerville Senators
Mike Kalfopoulos - Somerville Senators
Mark Infurna - Somerville Senators
Eric Bennett - South Shore Giants
Bobby Gibbons - South Shore Giants
Edward Guerrero - South Shore Giants
Matt McMillan - South Shore Giants
Darrell Tillmon - South Shore Giants
Chris Carillo - Boston Dodgers
Edmund Aguire - Boston Dodgers
Josh Amado - Boston Dodgers
Caine Durene - Waltham Minutemen
Carl Rodriguez - Waltham Minutemen
Eric Rodriguez - Waltham Minutemen
Abe Guillen - Waltham Minutemen

MSBL Masters All-Stars vs. Central Mass All-Stars, 1:30 PM

MSBL Masters All-Stars

Manager - Mark Moise, Metro Red Sox
Asst. Manager - Brian Bennett, Milton Breakers

Dana Levensaler - Somerville Alibrandis
Jason DeMattia - Somerville Alibrandis
Ted Tracy - Somerville Alibrandis
Chris Deane - Somerville Alibrandis
Zach Santomauro - Boston Dodgers
Jonathan Gallagher - Boston Dodgers
Darren Marsh - Boston Dodgers
Carlos Escano - Los Gigantes
Joe Claudio - Los Gigantes
Billy Rolls - Los Gigantes
Scott Isaacs - Los Gigantes
Billy Traft - Milton Breakers
Chris Romero - Milton Breakers
Juan Mateo - Milton Breakers
Bill Smeglin - Metro Red Sox
Heath Norris - Metro Red Sox
Mike Kalfopoulos - Metro Red Sox
Nate Knowles - Avi Nelson Rockies
Jason Ackerson - Avi Nelson Rockies
Matt Englander - Avi Nelson Rockies
Eric Bennett - South Shore Giants
Tim Day - South Shore Giants
Kevin O'Leary - South Shore Giants
Steve Matteo - Saugus Sea Dogs
Dave Dow - Saugus Sea Dogs
Dan Godfrey - Saugus Sea Dogs
Tim Hart - Bistro 781 Bulls
Jeremy Winters - Bistro 781 Bulls
Robert Austin - Bistro 781 Bulls
Kevin Lyons - Bistro 781 Bulls
Elin Joel Torres - Boston Cardinals
Roman Colon - Boston Cardinals
Melvin Torres - Boston Cardinals
Michael Gavin - North Shore Gators
Peter Mondolfi - North Shore Gators
Ethan Solomon - North Shore Gators

Central Mass All-Stars

Mikey Wright - Brewers
Dave Nickoloff - Dodgers
Sean Darcy - Dodgers
Erik Shaw - Giants
Carlos Moscoso - Giants
Mike Sauriol - Grays
Bob Cutting - Grays
Scott Fuller - Grays
Pete McNally - Grays
Doug Nashold - Nats
Jarred Kell - Pirates
Moises Cosme - Pirates
Jeff Barr - Vipers
Chris Schramm - Vipers

MSBL MetroWest All-Star Game (Game was played on 7/26/19)

Matt DiTullio - Framingham Orioles
Paul Goodwin - Framingham Orioles
Zak Platts - Framingham Orioles
Steve Paddock - Framingham Orioles
Rick Downs - Framingham Orioles
Ray Begin - Douglas Tigers
Matt Ryan - Douglas Tigers
Matt Udell - Douglas Tigers
Eddie Wissikerke - Douglas Tigers
Joff Smith - Grafton Braves
Paul Branche - Grafton Braves
Brian Macchi - Grafton Braves
Christian Ortiz - Grafton Braves
TJ Rizzo - Grafton Braves
Erik Torgerson - Worcester Expos
Brian Pilesky - Worcester Expos
Chad Ryan - Worcester Expos
Matt Snell - Worcester Expos
Adam Gowaski - Worcester Expos

- versus -

Jeff Quinn - Northborough Cardinals
Andrew Quinn - Northborough Cardinals
Tim Scafidi - Northborough Cardinals
Scott Johnson - Northborough Cardinals
Mark Cullen - Northborough Cardinals
Hugh Cornwell - Metrowest Royals
Pete Lankarge - Metrowest Royals
Jay Thomas - Metrowest Royals
Rachel Cavella - Metrowest Royals
Mike Santarpio - Metrowest Royals
Shawn Clapp - Marlborough Twins
Tony Ricupero - Marlborough Twins
Matt Hamilton - Marlborough Twins
Dan Tessier - Marlborough Twins
Chris Cronin - Marlborough Twins
Jeremy Kaufman - Worcester Pirates
David McMahon - Worcester Pirates
Rob Corliss - Worcester Pirates
Steve Bledsoe - Worcester Pirates